Perlex Plus CB

A high density, perlite based cover board composed of expanded perlite and reinforcing cellulosic fibres. For BUR, APP and SBS, this product can be used in hot and cold applied applications, as well as is compatible with all Single Ply Roof Systems.


Perlex 1" Insulation Board

High density panel composed of expanded perlite and reinforcing cellulose fibers. Top surface is sealed with a special coating to reduce excessive asphalt absorption in hot-asphalt applied roofing systems. 

Perlex Cant Strip

Composed of a high density expanded Perlite, reinforcing cellulosic fibers and selected binders that provides an excellent transition from the deck to the wall of the roof.


Perlex Edge Strip

Composed of a high density expanded Perlite, reinforcing cellulosic fibers and selected binders. It is used to provide an excellent transition from membrane to wood nailer or from tapered panels such as Tapered Perlex or Tapered Isolex to the roof level for positive drainage.

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